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Welcome to the Surigao Chat room!

This page is still under construction and the java applet is still under test. To chat in JAVA, scroll down below.

You can join our chat room through mIRC, PIRCH or other chat softwares using Undernet server, #surigao.


You may look for the following persons in the channel for more inquiries:

1. Krec-

2. Ladysam33-

3. Icom-

4. Jeremiah`-

5. Phlmnky- e-mail to be supplied soon

6. GenMarlon- e-mail to be supplied soon

7. Jetsky- e-mail to be supplied soon

8. Tweeti24-


  1. Your default nickname would be guest. To change nick, just type /nick nickname.

  2. You can choose different ports and servers as you desire.

  3. Please respect the ops.....they're kind enough to entertain but able to ban those nasty chatters!

  4. Once connected, please notify the op that you are using the JAVA CHAT of this site

  5. Thank you and enjoy your chat!


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