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Poems for the Family

I love you Mother

Although these words are far to speak

To reach your very ear

But I must not take to defeat

That failure reaches there

Because I know it is God's plan

To have your life in me

I know how much you're worth as one

The only one I see

So mother dear I cannot pay

Of all the debts I made

That ever since I stayed and laid

Your love had never fade

The worth you care, the worth you love

They all then cost so much

That no more other mother have

That love is right that such

That is God's gift you are my mom

And mama I will call

And I love you through all years come

The greatest mom of all




A father is someone

Who in time does not forget

What memories he had for his children

Which plans he had set

A responsible man

Who in time had stood

Wherein children can't imagine

How well he understood

On how he cared so much

That in times of hardship fails

That's how a father's love

Always in us prevails.




Through all the years I’ve spent on earth

I didn’t count so much

How Grandpa meant this life of mine

To realize as such

The love that he had then for me

Meant more a thousand reasons

Happiness shared and joy that stayed

Through all the years and seasons

The care that touched my heart to say

How much he meant to give me

The dare worth to remember with

A life for me more worthy

No need to dream of memories

Or any time to waste with

What is inside my heart and mind

Is what Grandpa, the best did

And when the Angels tell me that

Although the life had ended

God gave him for me to say

That love’s the best thing he did




When I think about you then today

I’ll always wish you’re here to stay

But since a time should come for us

We need someone to put our trust


To offer up our lives to Him

The promises of joy, to keep and redeem

The joy quite hard for us to say

In words or acts or any way


Since memories of you are in my heart

That stayed with me ‘though we’re apart

I do believe you grandma here

The Lord’s hands held you in His care


And when a time we’ll see again

I wish and know there is no pain

For there with you, our most best end

The Father’s house, our lives to lend.



      Mama always taught me the value of spiritual things much more than the ordinary things that this life can offer. As what she always told me, "Life is not just a fairy tale."