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Poems of Friendship


A Christian Friend

A Christian friend is different

That had known Christ they're both

Some questions raised and being bent

Quite hard for me to quote

The Christian friend is rare

In knowing each one finds

Deeper meanings like the air

When blows then know our minds

The Christian friend is blessing

In whom God sent to be

Strengthens us in sacrificing

Trials we don't see

The Christian friend is peace

Who helps in time of need

The other friend who's not on ease

To comfort she can lead

The Christian friend is love

Who helps us see his heart

Believing God the Father above

Is real not just art

And Christian friend is grace

To whom she would be guide

That one must seek to see God's face

A friend, I can abide.

-Pat- 01/07/98


A Friend

For of a hundred times we thought

Our minds can't really seek

Or there are thoughts within our hearts

We cannot express or speak

But thankful that of life's great gifts

A God who gave us grace

For there are times we cannot see

Whatever's next at pace

Now let me say how thankful I

Who found you in this world

A lot of precious times were there

Could have not been just heard

For I do treasure at this point

That what I said's been true

I've always said the best I could

A friend, there's none like you



A Friend Like You

I love to hear you say like this

That I'm a friend whom you will miss

For there were times we could not see

One part of you and part of me

Sometimes it's bad to know out there

A time we need to meet out where

Just like in tales and stories heard

A tragedy of a dragon's word

I do not mind or will you see

What's been a friend of you and me?

To think it twice needs only once

That I'm your friend not of a chance

I thank you much and thank you more

You're such a friend I'll treasure for.


Just friends

I like you, I can't say

We're just friends since yesterday

I'm not worth to speak how much

I liked you in a way such

I like to hold you, but could I?

My hands are tight, I can't ask why

Since I saw you, then I knew you

Only through friendship, we are due

I can't look straight into your eyes

I am afraid, should I say lies?

If I wouldn't tell, are we friends true?

I thought friends tell the truth or no?

Let me stay to be this way

I'm a friend you'll ever be

To fall in you is not restriction

Each of friends has one good reason.




She cracks me joke and gives a smile

Those days I felt so bad

And takes some few things there a while

Those days I seem so bad

She made me happy tells me so

If I do feel so down

Encouraged me to smile instead

Than having me to frown

She added color to a day

With blue skies there above

That even though the color's gray

Is there the friendship's love

Joint friends she's nice to know

In fact she's not too shy

She answers when you ask her too

And there you know her why.



To Help You

You must not avoid me

To show you my concern

Whatever is there the matter

I know it's worth to learn

That in helping you

I would be able to express

The words that hearts don't speak

And true meanings in kindness

And asking her why

Above the rest and others?

That choosing you then

Is there something where it matters?

No it is not how much

But what there kindness tells

The heart of man when soft

That's where happiness dwells

So friend I'll tell you why

Of all these helps in hand

I do not count a single dime

I hope you'll understand.



You Are A Blessing

Each day I wake up from my bed

And see the sun's rays from my head

I always think the joys you've made

Into my heart where love had stayed

Each time that you are on my side

Each blessing there that I abide

I know how God gave you to me

A blessing one must look and see

Because you are a blessing here

Each time I see, each time I hear

Each time I lived, each time I spent

You are a blessing to me sent


Your Friendship

If just I had the chance to say

How much your friendship meant to me

It means a lot, it means much more

Than what you think now in store


Because your friendship helped me say

Each time I know it, makes my day

It brightens up like sunshine's rays

And like the raindrops on my face


And inspiration on my part

A loving gift to one's heart

For me and you and everybody else

A touch from heaven, in us it dwells


For you are sweet than what I've thought

A loving gift I didn't bought

A treasure kept since from the start

Still I say, kept in my heart.




I canít imagine what the world

Will view much more of Friendship

Because in it sometimes weíre blind

The essence of companionship

That friendship gives a lot of meaning

That sometimesí left unseen

But if we open both our eyes

Thereís something deep within

The motivation in each captured moment

Thatís caught within the time

Wherein weíll seek all everywhere

And find our friends divine

And that is what a friendship means

Each time I think of you

If you have time then think it twice

If friendshipís worth to do

Sometimes we fear, sometimes we lose

We feel some gossips, hard to choose

But each time it happens

Iím not losing hope

I know that in friendship

Or hardship weíll cope

I donít know where itís leading

I donít see ahead

Iím not much of a clairvoyant

So not all words are said

So at this very moment

Just let me share whatís best

Youíre one of a friend

Thatís different from the rest









In this world where I considered myself to exist, I still look upon whom those I loved as those people who inspired me to see the success I made in this life. All glory to God for my achievements and honor to whom God Friends.