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Poems for God


God Didn't do it

God didn't give us all the pain

Instead it's us who took it out

God gave us the chance to gain

But rather we deny and doubt

God didn't give us all the worries

Instead it's us who thinks it more

And then as we all go along

We never thought to pray for sure

God didn't give us all sickness

But we just give our time to meet

Then all the sickness blows our lives

And then blame God He was to cheat

God didn't give us all burdens

But He rather said cast it all to me

For He would carry all of it

So He could set you free



Am I There?

What is in your mind?

That you might not just speak,

Is it worth for me listening?

Is it worth for me to keep?

Am I worth for you believing?

Am I worth for you to see?

Are you thinking of me each moment?

Every hour or every day?

Am I in your very thoughts?

When troubles come behind?

Is it clear without a haze?

Can you see are you not blind?

Are you ready to accept me?

When I knock into your door?

Are you there to lend a hand?

And say "That's life is for"?

Are you witnessing my views?

To others who might need?

Whenever it is possible

That time is clear indeed?

Do you want to feel I'm here?

Do you want to feel me now?

Yes, I'm here to listen....

But are you there with me somehow?




Miracles are treasures

Rarely found in here

Sometimes come out pleasures

We forget it's dear

That it is a gift

Wondered how it came to

God who made all things

Miracles that He gave true

Came out from His heart

Believing that in Faith

Miracles made to happen

Never will too late

So treasures like in heaven

Should miracles be in us

Believing that it happens

When in God we trust.



Christian Faith

My praise to God the Father dear

Who sent His very Son

Of thanking him of this good year

And many days to come

And walk again the best we can

To spread of his good news

For there's reward of what we've done

To take than to refuse

The crown of glory heaven's worth

Is where we take our pride

More precious than the golden earth

It's you to what decide

Remember all the things he said

He promised all his men

That whosoever have us dead

We must not fear of one

But fear the Lord who burns your soul

Of body there in hell

To where the body ever more

Is where to stay and dwell

Be martyrs then of faith and hope

In spite to see it's gone

Is counted how we made our fought

And what the God has done

Of what he's done for me and you

To change our lives and live

For nothing else's impossible

To those in HIM believe!



Jesus My Lord

In times of trouble He was there

A loving one that lends a care

Promised words He said were true

And none is there a lie for you

And even that He died for me

Took my sins out Calvary

Shed His blood and washed away

Pierced and bruised His love to stay

Now we know then who He is

Jesus My Lord, my Christ, my peace.




As what our brother shared last night

All blessings God can show

It's like the biggest avenue

Where one is free to go

Imagine if that God will give

Are we worth to receive it?

But rather we may lose our lives

For we couldn't longer take it!

So that is what we need to think

That God can bless us more

And stop complaining God didn't give

For He had blessings in restore!




Christ My Friend

Who is he that you say friend?

But never comes to say?

Or even just a little word

While he'll pass by your way

Who is she that you say friend

But never comes to lay

Her hands are not destined to touch you

On your sickness day

Who are they that you say friends?

That only comes in joys?

But when troubles come our ways

We'll never hear their voice

Who is that you say a friend?

Who only speaks demand?

But when you'll ask a favor then

May never understand?

But Jesus is a real friend

That one must need to know

A million years he'll never fail

All goodness he can show!




I've seen your face

I've seen that grace

I've seen what's all

In life's embrace

I felt that love

I had in life

I've felt this once

I saw a light

It's you oh Lord

Your precious word

That brought me back

From different world

Oh thank you God

My Lord above

I'll give my life

Into your love!



Promise me, things...

There are lots of things to know

Things to keep and things to show

Things that promise, things that fail

Things that always will prevail

Things in wisdom in the like

Things to learn and seek in life

Things in love and strength to keep

Things we treasure that so deep

Things for one to seek for these

Things no treasure there is missed

Things that give life new beginnings

Things in Christ with happy endings.




The Lord's promises

Are faithful and true

Forever are lasting

Will never go due

For His word's a sword

In language eternal

The word of our Lord

Is soft but's fatal

It can discipline

Straightens a life

The word of the Lord

Turns darkness to light

For I am much pleased

His promise for me

The word of our Lord

Stays as it be.



Kids are God's Idea

Though how small and not so tall

Yet thin though never stout

Our God the Father sees them all

That fair what's meant about

And not for choice of any voice

These kids have pure in heart

For them the world is made by God

And angels with them not depart

Yes, that's how kids are made by God

A gift to all of men on earth

For once we all were kids before

The whole prize from our mother's birth!



I Pray

I pray for safety where you go

And all the places here and through

Safe and sound your steps will be

And hear God's message light and free

The words of God to you retained

To heart and mind and soul remained

The hope that's true and never burned

To him will stay our life returned

Of our dark soul that's lost in time

With evil deeds we thought were fine

And wish we not to go in it

Or life is lost in great defeat

I pray your goodness brings you gain

Of all the loss and life in pain

I pray you'll always go in him

And not forget he's not a dream

I pray you joy than sadness there

That you'll not cry instead would cheer

That even we mourn, we'll leave this world

Who does not know our precious Lord

I pray your strength of life in war

That you seek God as near not far

And put in heart to trust his love

With heart as pure such of a dove

I pray you courage than weakness seen

That of life's game that you may win

That it is God whose courage fair

To you the trust is always there

And as I pray you may pray too

That what our lives may do and show

Is always clean and pure in him

To God the glory, in him remain.

-Pat- 1/16/96

Every Footprint

In every footprint, there is hope

That one can go through, one can cope

Every road that each man passes

God gives hope, God gives kindness

Because in footprints there is left

A trail of hope in every step

And sometimes when the wind blows it

The footprint marks itself beneath

And when it comes that we look back

And think of things that we do lack

Sometimes the footprints then are gone

We feel so down we haven't done

We should not bother see again

What's life behind the greatest pain

Then if it happens, think this way

He carried us in everyday.



When Daddy Needs Me

When Daddy needs me

And I need to talk

I just couldnít refuse Him

Or away Iíll walk

Because He had some special

Things to tell me with

My Daddyís greater works

In me, my life, He did

Sometimes I just forget Him

Whenever I could have talked

When Daddy needs me

Wherein away I walked

In even a little while

To close my eyes and say

Daddy why is it Iím sad

Is something wrong my way?

Then Daddy tells me why

Sometimes my child forgets

And only would remember

Each time a gift she gets

I wish that she was there

At times I needed here

To bow and close her eyes

To wish that I was there

I wish my child will know

That Daddy needs her most

I always wish her here

Donít want from me sheís lost.


You Are My Strength

Lord, you are my strength

Each day, each time spent

You are my light my guide

A hope where I can sure abide

You are my love, my inspiration

In every lifeís situation

You are my gift my treasure

That I canít put out of measure

You are my loving Father

There is no other

You are my life my hope

In problems I can cope

And you are my God, my Savior

Since I am your creature.



Each Day

Each day at mornings

When I awake

Things might not perfect

Nor would be straight

But I strive to struggle

Each time that passes

Each day that hurdles

Turned into ashes

But I am quite wishing

This day is greater

Much more to expect with

Much more that better

But I start to know now

How then it goes

Each day with God spent

Is smooth as it flows.



My Hope

My hope is there in you my God

Salvation is where found

You are my music in each day

You are my sweet, sweet sound

That even if the evil strikes

I know that you are there

It turns me Ďround or upside down

But still Iím in your care.



What Did God?

What did God required from us?

Is it our love is it our trust?

Is it that there is more to give?

Than just to stay and then receive


What did God said of his will?

Is it for us to just stand still?

Didnít he just said youíll start your day

And make it bright, my words to stay


What did God said of his love?

Is it the love of the Father above?

And yes thatís true He sent His Son

In us to stay, and all is done


And what did God said that he cares?

Is it for us, or who else dares?

For our neighbors, for our friends

It is we, our hand that lends.



I thank the Lord for he is good

Who cleanse us all from sin

In Calvary where the cross had stood

His grace in me within

That even if the devil says

That youíre not worth of it

The Lord reminded me of his Grace

That in Him makes me fit

Letís thank Him for His loving grace

Abounds in us and all

Let love rule in our very hearts

Let love rule in our soul



The sun may grow so dark

The moon then will not shine

But this is what Iíll say

Of the love I have divine

That is with you forever

If you seek me with your heart

Right the moment I chose you

At the worldís very start

I planned it all in me

From the Fatherís hand to mold

Since time the world had forgotten

My promise then foretold

I have given you my heart

My blood I poured it out

Still my love is constant

If ever you will doubt

Do not let your heart be down

`Cause still I will be here

Even up to the end

I promise thereís no fear



Cheer Up

Christ had promised He would cheer

Those who felt sad to Him would be near

So that every moment she has the smile

And she feels a hug from Him every while


He said to cast all cares unto Him

Thatís just a little thing He can redeem

In everything, just pray and with words that you can say

God had my worries all carried away


And in this big world I wish I could stand

To be as the friend to give you a hand

As I am Godís instrument that you may all win

The battle of life thatís fought all within


And now I am wishing joy that youíll feel

In God and in me, your friendship lies still

And do not all worry, for Iím always here

To be your best friend, to give you a cheer.







     Faith is the evidence of things unseen. It makes us believe in something that we don't really see but somehow we have the courage to stand with it as existing.

     Can you catch the wind? Can you see the breeze? I guess not. You just believed it through the feeling of its presence.

     God is never far away that we can't reach His presence. It's us who kept ourselves away from Him.

     God is so wonderful. He loved us all. And although sometimes we're like doubting Thomas, we grow each day to learn a faith like Father  Abraham.