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Pat's Collection of Personal Poems
Who is man without a poem
Or any verse he says
Could he express the deepest thoughts
Of his memorable days?
Pat E. Chua
November 15, 1995
        Since November 1995, I started to grab my pen alone in the room. I remember those College days wherein I really had a passion to write down what I feel as of the moment. I can't express it fully and cannot understand it much in my freshman years. I almost flunked in my English class for that very reason that I just hated the basic rules of grammar.
         Thanks if ever you'll enjoy my poems. I don't really have much confidence to prove that I wrote them in a snapůsome even when I was encoding it in the PC. Some were written when I was traveling and some when I was alone in the room.
         So, feel free to read them. I don't have rules to let you follow. Just be yourself. The poem might mean something for you, or it might be you who is meant in the poem.
            God bless!
Pat E. Chua, BSN, RN