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Poems of Love


A Glimpse

Each time youíll smile

Each time you sing

Each time youíll tell me

How good things bring

Each time we share

About the Lord

His wonderful works

And of His word

It brings a glimpse

Into our hearts

How Godís work in us

In everyone starts

And youíre a blessing

Each time youíre here

And I thank my God

Pray for your care.



Each Time I Think of You

Each time I think of you

I thank my God

Of the wonderful things He endowed me

And with you Iím glad

Each time I think of you

I say a prayer

That safe and sound youíll be

In His sweet care

Each time I think of you

I hope you dare

To also think of me

In every prayer.




Surely I love you more than youíll see

Surely youíre treasured more in to me

And each day my joy with a word once to say

Surely I love you more than Iíll be


And each day Iíll face with Iíll meet with a glee

ĎCause surely I love you in everyday

Or even when days seem so much too cold

Surely I love you Ďthough we get old


Surely I love you then Ďtill the end

Surely I treasure you more than a friend

Because itís in you that I had found

No one compares in the world around



 My Nurse

I want you feel you are the best

My nurse, my angel on my rest

My love, my babe in each new day

A gift from God I wish would stay


And this is what that I believe

She is to be that I should give

My care, my music and my song

The tune in her that plays along


Is there another there to be?

Like what you are there is to me?

And can I find more than Iíll see?

Nothing there compares in thee


And Just before Iíll say this line

I always wish that youíll be mine

And only God can know our part

Because He sees whatís in our heart.


I love the music in you

 I love the music there in you

The one I heard once now itís true

A rhythm that gives me much more meaning

The one I longed from the beginning


A song to hear when I am down

The tune to cheer when I do frown

A melody to play when Iím alone

Into my ear and Iím at home


The one I wish to play and last

Remember sweet memories from the past

Love and messages from your heart

You made me stronger from the start


And whatís that song you meant I said?

You might had thoughts within your head

But this is the one I knew to be

The song is what youíll speak in me


The words that let me know Iím part

To you belong, into your heart

Sing it again your love for me

You gave me gladness, you set me free!



When I Was Sick

When I was sick and you were there

I felt your love and tender care

And with your smile and loving touch

Into my heart that means so much


It is a gift not of a skill

To have someone to care and will

That as a reason one who feels

Is being cared without the thrills


When I was cold and then you came

You made me warm by calling my name

And all the joys here that came through

Made me well because of you


And like with Jesus when He said

When I was sick you came instead

Within this busy life thereís one

To share a healing, make things done.


A Chance to Say

If there is no chance to say

If once then time had passed

Then it can no longer stay

When time is near at last

But I am given this time

For us to say a phrase

Saying more each line

Each step and every phase

I love you for your love

That came with me today

Thatís what Iím thinking of

Thatís what I want to pray

This world is such a place

With you I found with me

No longer will a chase

Is needed for us to see

And now itís been my chance

Every minute, every way

This life is meant but once

With you I want to stay




Itís abstruse when people love

Sometimes theyíll just pass by

But Iím working on my best

This love I canít deny

Sometimes it makes us feel

To be hurt if someone loses

But thatís the time to heal

A friend in time that passes

Do not give up your dream

To the person that you love

Someday there are hopes

From the one who lives above

And this is what Iíll say

The best is to what for us

Iím praying you will stay

And wonít give up then your trust

Itís you the same Iíve seen

The beginning that we knew

If there are changes needed

Itís the good for me and you

So donít just then let go

Of the love youíll have inside

Our hope is in Godís due

Where our hope in Him abide



What is an Inspiration?

An inspiration is a motivator

A moving force behind

A promise like what Jesus had for us

To have and keep in mind


An inspiration is a power

It can move mountains and valleys

Yet when seen ordinarily

Is found in different ways


An inspiration is not just something

For me she is someone

Who in times that I am struggling

Makes it all at ease and done


An inspiration is you

That in every moment and thought

Would bring sunshine to my work

A living part of growth


Good Morning to You

Good Morning to you

A greeting to say

Itís wonderful seeing

You brighter today

If it then will rain

I will not much worry

You are my sunshine

That keeps me so merry

And God is so wonderful

He gave us this day

To see of each other

To share and to pray

Good morning again

This day is so beautiful

And seeing a friend

Like you is so wonderful


How I wished

Oh how I wished if she just knew

I had a chance to say how true

Of how I love herí though a friend

There is no reason for me to end


Of all my cares and all my joys

Of lifeís big questions with a choice

Of all my love and pain inside

A friend Iíll trust and will abide


I made her cry without me knowing

I should have done it, kept on going

ĎCause my belief was always this

She is a friend whom I will miss


And until now, in each new day

I fall in love with her each way

ĎThough I canít show it well that much

I wish sheíd feel that way in such


That how she meant this life of mine

Inspired my ways, my life refined

Within my life she gave beginnings

And until now, a life with meanings.



Youíre Like Heaven

Heaven has the answer

On questions of your mind

And anytime you searched for

But still you did not find


Heaven has the will

To give your heart a mate

As time goes by so long

Heavenís not so late


Heaven has the comfort

And peace on one can give

Into a troubled world

Where no one can believe


Heaven knows the time

The future and the past

The moments of your life

Whenever will it last


And heaven can be you

Each time you share a smile

Each time you softly speak

Itís like heaven for a while



Iím not leaving

In any way youíre thinking now

I am not leaving you somehow

Remembering you here in my heart

Always with me and not apart

And Iím not leaving just a word

A simple promise I canít afford

Thatís just a lie as what youíll see

That came out from the mouth of me

In simple thoughts youíre always kept

No other mind can simply get

No simple heart can always give

A love for you to stay and live



The Music of Love

The music of love is more like this

That one can't lose and one can't miss

A playing music in one's ear

To keep and live and always hear

That keeps its tune into the beat

And never stops but will repeat

And will renew itself in time

And flow through steps of every rhyme

It loops itself to like the measure

Disregards the useless pressure

Gives itself the sweetest tone

Softer, clearer much is known

With the word it says with love

It's a gift from God above!



Today is our day

And you're not just a dream

But reality one can see

And not just any wish

To say inside of me

And in this heart of mine

That seeks no more to find

And fairy tales no more

Or stories from behind

Because today's the day

That I will say, "I do"

And long no more to wish

That I will be with you

Because this is forever

That starts within a day

An everlasting moment

To share with me and stay

And blessed by one up high

With joys out from his heart

That he will place together

No one can break apart.

-Pat- 12/05/2000 11:53 PM


Remembering Love

And it is not impossible

On how this love was made

Because our Faith in God

Had made this love conceived


And when our journey goes

The love is meant forever

What God had put together

Let no man put asunder


And I believe each journey

In love will only end

If there was no forever

And you were not my friend


But how then thankful I

That in this world I found

Someone like you to love

The whole years all around

Pat E. Chua-Papa and Mama


All Seasons

I can't believe

I'll fall in you

To see you just that once

Or maybe more

I need to look

Than just one turn at glance

Is it just crush?

What youngsters say

I felt inside of me

For me it stays

Just how I felt

Needs to be out and free

Should I express?

Or just make hide

Please tell me one good reason

And if it's yes

I promise that

I'll love you

'Till the end of season.



Loving You

  It's not the beauty how it looks

Of how it is described in books

I do not mind what else they say

At least that I found you today

No matter how, no matter where

As long we found ourselves in here

It's more of worth despite in pain

It is the love I had in gain

That you inside where I must see

My heart should feel, my mind should be

That loving you in everyday

Must be a truth that sets us free.



Falsely Saying Crush

Admiring you in quite a view

Is not of love there is so true

That beauty's not the essence there

But heart's inside to find is rare

That what I haven't thought at first

That liking you throughout the years

Of course I do for I lie not

To see you in a life like that



I Liked You

I liked you more just what I thought

I never expected most

That I can't see whatever's there

I knew I wasn't lost

'Cause I liked you I couldn't deny

The words that I must say

For giving me a chance of life

For you fulfilled my day

That each of time you will pass by

I know you're safe and sound

And not afraid for I am there

Behind you all around.



Just Friends

I like you, I can't say

We're just friends since yesterday

I'm not worth to speak how much

I liked you in a way such

I like to hold you, but could I?

My hands are tight, I can't ask why

Since I saw you, then I knew you

Only through friendship, we are due

I can't look straight into your eyes

I am afraid, should I say lies?

If I wouldn't tell, are we friends true?

I thought friends tell the truth or no?

Let me stay to be this way

I'm a friend you'll ever be

To fall in you is not restriction

Each of friends has one good reason.



I Am The Man

I am the man who tells the truth

That I love you from head to foot

I am the man who speaks in smooth

That I may speak all pain to soothe

I am the man who's loyal stands

And marks my words who understands

I am the man who makes my worth

And dignity as I go forth

I am the man who keeps in you

Our love been made

As point of view

I am the man who's destiny

Is to love you my whole life through

I am the man who cares for you

And takes our lives as one than two.

-Pat- 11/26/95


I Believe

I believe in love

And I believe in friendship

I believe what life's out there

In anyone's relationship

I believe in destiny

But there's a captain to guide

One who is powerful to take the boat

In life's greatest ride

I believe in God's hands

One who carries me

If what then happens next at pace

Is no more mystery

I believe in the future

But I don't know what holds

But someone holds and knows it all

To him my life unfolds

I believe in you

A gift from God in me

A friend to encourage, and to share with

In life's great destiny.



No Love

If there is no life

Where there is no love

And there is no mercy

Nor passion above

Then what are we humans

Who learns how to live?

To show more concerns

And share life indeed?

But have no compassion

And wouldnít feel the love

Or any of emotions

Whatever we have

Do we need to question

If lifeís meant that way

Whom no one has the heart

Of a kind word to say?

I hope as weíll read this

We would realize

How life needs all these things

And open our eyes.




If love is being hidden

Itís quite hard to suppress

And how to get it even

And ways I could express


I wish that I could say it

In chances I have with

But sometimes itís not set yet

On things I wish I did


And closer would be chances

That I could hide no more

But still Iíll hide my senses

Pretend no chance in store


And I believe tomorrow

Or when the day would come

Believing there is sorrow

If she is not the one


If God would give a partner

I do believe in life

The one Iíll stay with forever

A gift of God, a Wife.



The Music

You are my joy, you are my happiness

Each day Iíll meet with, I look with gladness

You are the rhythm, the ringing tune

Like summerís touch, or spring in June

The way you teach me, say each line

In musicís touch or songs divine

It soothes my spirit, not just simple

Hearts and minds which both are able

I thank the ways, in all the means

You gave the music, much more it seems

Each day Iíll face it, I love to hear

Wishing much more of music to cheer

And when Iíll say, I treasure you

Each time, each day to share and through

Someday weíll both hear it the same

The music with the greatest name.




I always waited for a chance

To say how much I love you

But I had taken one more glance

To check if how it is true


I always seek a chance to find

To look each day to see you

But have thoughts here within my mind

If ever days canít get through


I know how long I have to wait

If ever days can be long

Believing it is not too late

Nor choice of me can be wrong


Just give me chance to wait and see

How time in us should pass by

If it is you to be in me

I love you more Ďtill Iíll die.



You in Me, Me in You

If love is such a sharing gift

Then I just couldnít keep it

If itís the life our minds are set

Then I believe the heartbeat

Is always there each time we love

One treasure kept between us

Our time in life to go and flow

With all the things to give trust

Itís you in me and me in you

The love that is to share with

One on one between us two

Believe the great gift God did

And I believe each time we share

Itís one thing we should do then

Face the trials and to dare

No love in us is broken.




Each day youíre such a melody

And yes, each day you are

A song for me to sing and say

I hear not from afar

Each tune heard from the words you speak

Each tone that I will hear

Loving songsí straight from the heart

Melodies that would cheer

Yes you are my melody

And I believe a song

Each day that you will start to play

Knows itís you along.